Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life keeps on moving......FAST!

 Aaron and Jake just past their one year mark on their mission....That was FAST!!!
 I received Erica's flight plans to come home....That was FAST!!!!  But oh so exciting!!!
 Ethan playing his second year of Batrays...#5
 Ethan has another new sport he is enjoying.....skateboarding....
Kinder brings fun times....first field trip to the fire station....Life goes very FAST!!!!


  1. I have a 15 month old grand-daughter...that was FAST!

  2. I know time seems to speeding up as I get older!!!! I haven't been able to get on your blog or you had not updated it in a long time. How exciting for you to have Erica back home--that did seem fast. I saw an old friend at BYU last week who I found out is also a friend of yours--Dana Brown (small world).

  3. Don't say such things! I like Lincoln the way he is. :) Glad to see you're up and running. Did you lose your blog or did you just re-vamp?

  4. Em...that is too fun you know Dana! She is fun! I'm enjoying the fact that she is in the same boat as I was five years ago...being pregnant and is the same age I was when I had Ethan.
    Kym, No I didn't lose my blog, just decided to take off all the old stuff and start over! Sometimes I am too wordy...decided to go with less words...more pictures! :)